The Press

"The old-school-by-young-people smarty-pants arts journal"
New York Magazine
"Not so much an event as a godsend, Even is a smart, straightforward journal about art and artists - an endeavor easier said than done. But where others have failed, editor Jason Farago succeeds."
“The magazine’s title alludes to one of the most famous works of Marcel Duchamp, a painting on glass known as a bachelor machine, on which you see a group of young men whose love is so strong that it powers a huge chocolate grinder. And so it is with the art magazine: the authors’ love for art is so strong that it sets in motion a media machine that only produces the most outstanding texts.”
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Das Magazin
“It only takes a glance to realize Even is not your typical art magazine.” 
“ ... the goal is to be provocative and international, and to cater to a public that cares about art but are not specialists.”